educational offer
01 Jul 2018
educational offer
Fusionjazz, Oriental, Elektro

Certificat Course DigiMediaL_musik OnStage

DigiMediaL_musik OnStage – PROFESSIONAL LIVE ON STAGE is an intensive weekly ECTS certified seminar for Berlin-based musicians, music producers and event managers.

music event
10 Jun 2018
Techno, Psychedelic, Rock

Live in the Woods - live electronic & rock

It's all coming together: The Banging of the drums, the strumming of strings, the humming of melodies... Am magical place to share ancient stories of the ongoing human saga.

music event
11 Jan 2018
Singer-Songwriter, Dub, Oriental

Cocoonuit - Music In Metamorphosis

A metamorphic night to transform your ears and eyes with all vibes and colours of sound by Cocoon Collective Berlin.

music event
13 Jul 2017
Hip Hop, World, Elektro

Flying Carpet

There is an endless place that consists of nothing but the pure beauty of sound. Creatures of all colours and shapes come together to celebrate neverheard adventures.

music event
20 Jan 2017
Fusionjazz, World, Oriental

Kaleidophonic - 20 fragments of light morphing into sound

20 international artists, ranging from electronic to world music, come together merging their talents.

educational offer
24 Nov 2018
networking, music event

Who's driving now? DigiMediaL wrap up & consultation tips

Berliner Musiker*innen Treff wraps up. Finally, we invite you to celebrate the successful completion of the project together with us. Donated drinks. Admission free. Start 8 pm