SKILLFRIED is currently at beta status. But we really love the fact that you are already here and like to be part of our network.

We want you to have the best possible experience here and support your goal to show your skills, projects and personal portfolios. 


In 6 steps to your own portfolio

Do you want to create a music project, set up a profile and invite other project participants? For the following 6 steps you need about 15 minutes.

1. Register on the platform.

Click on the link in the activation email.

2. Create a music project.

At the top right you will find a status notification (a small info button) to give you feedback on completeness.

First, just invite yourself to your first music project via email. Only when the input for the music project is otherwise complete and you are satisfied, take care in the next step to create your profile.

3. Follow the invitation mail to the project participation in the music project you just created.

If you click on the link, you will be taken to the dashboard area where you can manage your project investments. But you still lack a profile that you can link to the music project.

4. Get your profile.

Also in this form you will find a status notification (a small infobutton) in the top right corner to give you feedback on the completeness.

5. Accept the project participation with the profile you just created.

Assign your profile to the created project in the dashboard.

6. Invite one more person as a project participant to the music project you have created.

We have the rule that music projects are always performed by at least two people.

It makes sense that you briefly report this person from your project in the invitation mail.

Ready to go! If at least one other project participation has followed your invitation and has set up a complete profile, the music project, your associated profile and the profile of the * invitee will be visible on the platform at the same time.

Note: For project participants that you add to the music project you have created, the procedure is shortened to 2 steps. They receive an e-mail asking them to (1.) agree (or refuse) the proposed role and (2.) create an (artist) profile. Does not take 5 minutes.


More questions?

Find the most urgent questions in our FAQ section.

In the near future an explanatory video will be created, in which the central functions will be presented.


Do you have any suggestions for SKILLFRIED?

We’re aware of the fact that a few bugs and errors might still occur during your user experience but we’d like to support you whenever a problem shows up. We want SKILLFRIED to become the expert platfrom for music project makers (first we want to focus on Berlin) and your favourite network around.

Fur additional questions and interest, please contact us via our contact form.