1. Who is this SKILLFRIED?


"I am the digital vitamin B for music creators and freelancers."

SKILLFRIED is a project god. Musician, artist, freelancer and project manager. Like so many artists, SKILLFRIED had a different job for each project - sometimes nerve wracking, but normal these days. SKILLFRIED's network is vast, so he wants to offer himself here as a platform to support music projects makers as a mediation portal.

SKILLFRIED specializes in music projects. Of course, not only musicians, but also lighting technicians, dancers, photographers, make-up artists and helping hands, who of course are cordially invited to join SKILLFRIED as project partners!


2. Why should I register here and present my project?

In Berlin, great projects are regularly created by teams. After the concert, the album release, the vernissage, etc., they quickly fall into oblivion. While some are documented on a website or on YouTube, who is looking for it?

On SKILLFRIED all these musical results and references should be centrally located. Based on a brief profile entry, it should be possible to make transparent who was involved, how and where documentation can be found. This makes the music projects visible and the participants involved identifiable. #sharingiscaring

The collection of concrete completed projects can then be used as a meaningful search engine for artists who are looking for experts. Via laptop and smartphone SKILLFRIED can be easily searched through and specific suitable actors can be contacted with a specific project proposal.


3. What does SKILLFRIED bring me?

Imagine, you are looking for someone for the camera of your next music clip. On SKILLFRIED you look at different clips and talk to the appropriate one, whether she or he is interested in a joint project.

Imagine, you are a camerawoman and you turn next to commercial videos also like music clips. If you present yourself here on SKILLFRIED with an interesting music clip, musicians will soon be competing with interesting concepts for music projects. 

SKILLFRIED is aimed at professionals! Here projects have space that has been successfully implemented by a team (that is, at least two members).


4. I am a musician, but also a graphic designer and have even supported a buddy in record production. Do I have to register with three different profiles now?

SKILLFRIED was developed together with experienced projects-MACHERS *. It was important from the outset that individual artists can easily present themselves here with different profiles, so they can conduct professional reputation management. It is normal for us to be active today in different contexts that are not always associated with each other.

You can, for example, in the dashboard of your account. As an artist profile for your DJ acts (aka DJ guitar), in parallel to be under your real name as a graphic artist involved in projects and also listed as a band (aka LUCY TALK) in concert projects. For platform visitors the appearances appear completely autonomous. It is crucial that all these different profiles are assigned a specific role in a completed music project. Only then will they be visible on SKILLFRIED.

A connection between these different identities (SKILLFRIED: "Profiles") is not visible, so you do not have to show your true (bourgeois) identity. You can always decide what you want to show by yourself and what not.