SKILLFRIED is the god of projects. He is a musician, freelancer and project manager - mostly at the same time, as many artists and freelancers. SKILLFRIED's network is extensive, so he wants to offer his services here as a web platform to support music project makers with their different expertise as a mediation portal.


Most projects do not fail because of the idea, but because of the team

We have the experience that successful projects arise when different competences and mutual trust come together in a team. Trust comes from transparency. With SKILLFRIED we want to establish a transparent platform especially for project makers who have experience with music projects. In addition to musicians, all involved artists, freelancers and employees can present themselves on SKILLFRIED: cameramen, sound technicians, social media managers, graphic artists etc.

SKILLFRIED is a platform on one finds professional cooperation partners and can present completed projects in his portfolio.

"Our mission is to provide musicians and creatives with better opportunities for career growth and creative collaboration with experienced players."

With SKILLFRIED, a central platform is positioned in Berlin, where music projects and their participants with their diverse expertise are visible and come into their own.



Currently, SKILLFRIED is in beta phase, which we want to open for you to include you and your suggestions in the development can. It is important to us to integrate the needs of experienced people as platform users into the development process to make SKILLFRIED as effective as possible for artists, freelancers and companies.

When working on the code occasionally individual functions can not yet work as expected. Please do not be irritated. Please contact us for bugs and suggestions for improving SKILLFRIED via our contact form. We'll take care of it quickly, so that SKILLFRIED will be a valuable platform that brings together the right persons to make great music projects.



SKILLFRIED focuses on the concise presentation of completed music projects. Participating actors (artists, freelancers, companies, agencies, etc.) can be identified by their project roles. The linked actors can also summarize their references / expertise in the form of profiles in which their roles are referenced by the projects in which they were involved. - So much for the technical side.

SKILLFRIED is first and foremost what professional project makers make of it: a portfolio portal where you discover exciting music projects and good people.


Who is behind SKILLFRIED?

SKILLFRIED is funded by the Berlin Senate (Culture and Europe) under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The goal is to offer creative people a networking and mediation platform.

Concept: Matthias Krebs (project leader), Stephanie Bender, Susanne Baron, Felix Gebauer
Development: Sinnwerkstatt - Ralph Delfs, Alec Hanefeld, Haithem Bel Haj & Oliver Willing
PR: Tine Theurich & Norman Fleischer of SUPERUNKNOWN
Supporters: Julia Raguse, Hannes Hüfken, Liesa Rademacher, Julian Quack, Jamila Al-Yousef, Martin Donner, Georgina Foley, Rainer Scheerer

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